Our Mission

Advance personalized healthcare through precision
measurements and technology innovation

Health status

Risk factor

Chronic disease

Better critical

Effortless Self-testing

Eaglenos has independently crafted a full range of health management products aimed at supporting individuals with chronic conditions and those at elevated risk.

Encompassing a diverse array of parameters such as blood glucose, blood ketones, uric acid, lactate, total cholesterol, blood pressure, electrocardiogram, body temperature and more, our products stand out for their precision, speed and user-friendly designs.

Innovative Clinical Solutions

Eaglenos blood gas analysis system and electrolyte analysis system, based on microfluidic technology, are widely adopted in ICU, emergency, and respiratory care. These instruments are compact, portable and efficient, seamlessly integrating powerful laboratory functionalities into small testing cards.

Without the need for reagent packs, our instruments require no maintenance, assisting healthcare professionals in swiftly obtaining accurate results. This feature ultimately saves precious time for both medical staff and patients.

Scientific Research

Eaglenos is equally dedicated to fundamental research. We have successfully developed a range of scientific instrumentsand chemical reagents. We aspire to empower professionals and institutions to achieve groundbreaking advancements in scientific exploration.

Our dual-mode solid-liquid scanning electrochemical cell microscope (SL-SECCM) operates at approximately 40 nm spatial resolution. This innovative instrument enables simultaneous characterization of sample surface morphology and electrochemical activity, facilitating high-resolution three-dimensional electrochemical imaging at the nanoscale for materials and biological interfaces.

Digital Services

Eaglenos designs customized data management platforms and integrated solutions catering to individual users, businesses and medical institutions. These platforms are carefully crafted to provide an elevated user experience and offer comprehensive health management.